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Anonymous asked: I love you more


you’re very sweet i dont even know you aw x

so remember the guy that liked me 3 years ago? we used to be classmates and now im transferring to where he studies (didnt not do it on purpose btw lol) so we’ve been talking for a few days already. We used to be really close and im v happy im talking to him again. He’s sweet and nice as fuck and I really really like him. We talked about a lot of things earlier and he wants me to hang out with him and his friends(more like demanding but idk i like it bc i wont be alone but then..) He’s funny too. he told me he already had his first kiss and the girl liked him and he really liked her too but he didnt ask her out bc he doesnt like her that much. AND THE GIRL IS HER FRIEND. it means im gonna need to be friends with her too. he told me she’s a bitch sometimes and i am too so idk what’ll happen. i feel like this school year is gonna be different


You know what I really want right now? Having late night calls with somebody. Talking about whatever the fuck you want to talk about without it being awkward. Even if you both live far away from each other it feels like you’re just beside each other hanging out. I want to be able to call that person and just hear thier voice. I want to ring them up when I want to cry. But I know this won’t ever happen. Bc this is fucking reality and this is the saddest part of all.

Things I didn’t say

I really like you
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My favourite time to go swimming is in the evening while its still warm, but the air is cooler than the water. You have to stay down in the water in order to keep warm and the longer you’re up, the colder it becomes. Above the water is society and below is the world I have isolated myself in. The…


message me your favorite band/artist and i’ll listen to them for a week then i’ll tell you mine and you do the same

Do you just make so much effort just to talk to someone but you feel like you’re annoying them

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